Alaskan Highway
This is a great video from a guy that traveled te ALCAN highway. It shows some of the beauty you would see on the road.

Map of Alaskan Highway

The Alaskan Highway is also know as the ALCAN Highway(ALaska/Canadian). It was constructed during World War II to carry supplies to the military. It stretches 1,390 miles from Dawsons Creek, B.C. to Delta Junction, Alaska, 98 miles south of Fairbanks. It is unofficially considered to be part of the Pan-American Highway, which extends to Argentina.
Famous Mile 0

I am not sure if this is it but there is a part in the book that states Chris took a snapshot of the "signpost marking the official start of the Alaskan Highway. Mile "0", the sign reads, Fairbanks 1,523 miles."
Entering in Dawson Creek B.C.

View from the highway


The Alaskan Highway is a popular road trip for many RV enthusiasts. It has scenery and wildlife unlike many places in the world. The highway used to be quite dangerous to travel but in recent years more and more sections have been straightened and paved. It still has stretches where it can be quite narrow and curvy, where it lacks center lines and ample shoulders.
Some bison crossing the highway