This is a video of an interview with Wayne Westerberg. Chris spent sometime working for Westerberg on his farm in Carthage. As you will see from the video Chris made quite the impact on this town.

Carthage is a very small town located in central eastern South Dakota. In 1916 the poulation was at its peak of around 700. Now though the population is only around 200. They experience weather very similar to that of Minnesota, with about 6 months of the spent in a blanket of snow. Interesting though the tornado average is above South Dakota state average. It is 101% greater than the overall U.S. average.

Carthage is a town consisting of only the basic needs. The businesses are family-owned by people right in the town. They have a great sense of community and trust between eachother. They feel secure in knowing they can all depend on eachother. It truly is a community where everyone knows, and cares about eachother.

This is a picture of Lake Carthage. It is a man made lake that is a popular place for people to go fishing, camping, boating and more.


This is The Straw Bale Museum. This museum is here to help preserve the history of South Dakota. It contains exhibits that illustrate the history and culture of the area, and teaches how to be green the old fashioned way.
Like many places in the area Carthage is highly dependent on agriculture.


This is the Caberet Bar. Chris and Wayne spent a great deal of time here after working all day at the grain elevator.

Carthage really embodies a simpilar time. I understand why Chris was so connected to the people and the way they lived. During its existance Carthredge has had its highs and lows but it remains a town with a great sprirt and drive, and as they say in town "Carthage is here to stay".