Gulf of Calfornia

The Gulf of California is located in between Baja California Peninsula and Mexican mainland. It can also known as the Sear of Cortez, its a body of water that separates and bordered by the states of Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora and Sinaloa. There are several rivers which flows into the Gulf of California, these include the Colorado, Fuerte, Mayo,Sinaloa, Sonora and the Yaqui. In fact, the gulf’s surface area is 62,000 square miles.

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Evidence has shown that the Gulf of California came about 5.3 million years ago as tectonic forces rifted the Baja California Peninsula off of the North American Plate. The East Pacific Rise propagated up the middle of the Gulf along the sea bottom. If it wasn’t for the tremendous delta created by the Colorado River, the Gulf of California would extend as far as Indio California. The delta blocks the sea from flooding the Mixicail and the Imperial Valleys. The gulf is dominated by the East Pacific Rise and the Isla Tortuga is one of the ongoing volcanic activities.

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In the book Into the Wild, during his journey Chris decided to head south for the Colorado River, he bought a canoe and set his sights for the Gulf of California. He was able to sneak across the Mexican bored, but he was never able to find a way to the Gulf of California. He had to ditch the canoe. One of his Journal entry read like this- “I am now well under way into my grand odyssey. There has been much adventure so far. I traveled down the Colorado River into Mexico searching for a way to the Gulf of California, but failed in doing so.” During is trip Chris set out to paddle down the Colorado to find the Gulf of California. He was able to slip illegally into Mexico, running the open floodgates of the Morelos Dam. He took pictures of tarantulas and jackrabbits and wild mustangs. He paddled around in the maze of canals into which the Colorado disappears and he was never able to reach the Gulf of California.

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