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Outside magazine’s mission is to inspire people to actively participate in the world outside by giving people the information that is needed to live an active lifestyle.


Outside magazine is made up of five different sections for the reader; Destinations, Style, Bodywork, Essentials, and The Guide.


The magazines main audience is the active man. It is in the top 5% of magazines for educated executives, even above Forbes. It is the #1 men’s magazine for many reasons, including fashion, active lifestyle, and the quality conscious, confident and authentic man. With 628,817 subscriptions and another 59,099 sold on newsstands in 2008. This shows how strong a following the magazine has. The magazine also has many woman followers as well with a male/female ratio of 70/30.


Twice a year, in the spring and winter, the magazine has a buyer’s guide featuring the world’s best gear, tools, and technology that are needed for the active lifestyle. Each issue also includes a special section just for the active woman.


Besides the paper copy of the magazine there is also a very successful online version. Outside Online gives its visitors wonderful stories and has many interactive features as well. With how-to videos, interviews, photo galleries to cruise, breaking news articles, event coverage, daily question and answer activities, and shopping with experts. There is also a huge archive available to you. Including the "Into the Wild" story by Jon Krakauer titled, “Death of an Innocent – How Christopher McCandless lost his way in the wilds”, from the January 1993 edition. The website has over 536,000 visitors each month.