The Stampede Trail
This is a picture of the bus that Chris "Alex Supertramp" McCandless stayed in along the Stampede Trail during his journey.

This is a picture of the plaque that the McCandless family has left on the bus in honor of Chris. It reads "Chris, our beloved son and brother, died here during his adventurous travels in search of how he could best realize God's great gift of life. With his final message, "I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all. We commend his soul to the world. -The McCandless Family"

This is a map of the Stampede Trail.

This is a picture of the Stampede Trail before it becomes impossible to cross. Once the snow and ice melts this trail will be impossible to travel on.

The Stampede Trail is 50 miles of rough mining road that was abandoned in 1963. There were never any bridges built over the several rivers that the Stampede Trail crosses. The Stampede Trail is used mostly by backcountry travelers who travel by foot, bike, snowmobile, or ATV. The Fairbanks City Transit bus #142 was left behind by the Yutan Construction Company during the road building to be used as a shelter by hunters, trappers, and ranger patrols if it were ever needed.