The key to survival is preparation. Oftentimes, however, being in a survival situation means that you may not have the necessary tools or equipment at your immediate disposal. Proper survival training and know how allows you to use the items in your environment to your advantage. Such knowledge is invaluable and can be the difference between life and death! One may think that these skills are only important to outoorsmen, campers, fishers, and the like. This is a common fallacy. Everyone can benefit from basic survival skills! Imagine - you are on a relaxing hike in the woods, when suddenly you realize that you are lost. Everything starts to look the same, and you are not quite sure where to go or what to do. Panic starts to set in. What will you do? With survival skills such as small shelter building, fire starting, how to find potable water, and navigation, chances are you will make it out of any situation - alive and well

Topics include:
Shelter Fabrication
Fire Starting
Water Location & Treatment
Hot and Cold Climate survival
Edible Plants & Insects
primitive Cooking Methods
Traps & Snares
Land Navigation: compass, GPS, natural methods
Knots & Rope Use
Knives & Tools
Basic First Aid