This is a video of the Teklania River. It shows the danger that Chris faced when he came to the river in July. Like most rivers it is very unpredictable. At one moment it could be knee deep and only a moment later up to your neck.

The Teklania River is located in the Denali National Park Reserve. The river is a feeder stream to the Yukon River. It is approximently 111 miles long. The river is crossed by only one road, The Denali Park Road.


Teklania River is pretty dry usually, July is the wettest month with the most rain, and the driest month of the year is April. Chris crossed the river the first time in April and the second time he attempted was in July. The river gets flooded in July from all the rain and snowmelt from glaciers high in the Alaskan range. In the picture above it shows a calmer braided section of the river then in the video above. Chris would have discovered this calmer section had he walked only a mile upstream. This would have been much easier for him to cross.


Because of the rivers location in the Denali National park the amoutn of wildlife is very abundent. You can see everything from grizzy bears, caribou, wolverines, moose, beavers, squirrels, lynx, foxes and snowshoe hares.