User Systems Inc.

User Systems Incorporated was founded in 1978 to provide remote sensing focused research and development services to the government and private industry. User Systems Incorporated is among the world's leaders in radar technologies. User Systems is devoted to the development of airborne and space based remote sensor designs and the adaptation of data produced by these sensors for specific commercial and military applications.

User Systems' present focus is on the design and development of a wide range of contemporary and advanced remote sensing systems. In addition, User Systems also develops the associated signal processing technologies for airborne and space-based radars, with a special emphasis on synthetic aperture radars. User Systems also provides design and implementation of visualization and processing capabilities for the operational interpretation and analysis of remotely sensed data.

The User Systems office is located in Maryland, near Washington, D.C.

User Systems commercial product line consists of: PROSAR, a family of synthetic aperture radar processing products, RADARCALC, a space and aircraft-based computer aided radar design tool; and STATCALC, a remote sensing satellite systems design tool.

User Systems also provides a full range of expert services in the form of technical consulting, continuing education courses, seminars, and targeted training. User Systems regularly teaches courses in satellite systems design and application, coherent imaging radar systems, and microwave remote sensing.

User Systems maintains working research and development relationships with Jackson State University's nationally recognized Department of Meteorology, University of Maryland, Mississippi State University, the US Navy's Commander, Naval Meteorological and Oceanography Command.

Mission Statement…
To continue our role as a worldwide leader of
remote sensing products and services

Below is a picture of the tracking that
the SEASAT does through satellite

seasat.jpg saesat_33333.jpg
This is the SEASAT satellite, one of the products
of User Systems Inc. It was the first oceanographic

The Surveyor spacecraft was designed to attain the engineering objectives of the Surveyor program, which included the first lunar soft landing by an American spacecraft. Below are some pictures of the project.


RADARSAT-2 is Canada's next-generation commercial SAR satellite, the follow-on to RADARSAT-1. The new satellite was launched in December, 2007 on a Soyuz vehicle from Russia's Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. RADARSAT-2 has been designed with significant and powerful technical advancements which include 3m high-resolution imaging, flexibility in selection of polarization, left and right-looking imaging options, superior data storage and more precise measurements of spacecraft position and attitude.

radar_2_installation.jpgRADARSAT-2-01.jpg take_off.jpg
ABOVE: Installation of the RADARSAT 2


mission_control_center.jpg Mission Control center for thr RADARSAT 2
at the John H. Chapman Space Center