Liard River Hotsprings and Yukon Territory


The Yukon, is the westernmost and smallest of Canada's three federal territories. In 1898 it was created as the Yukon Territory. Yukon meaning "Great River". It borders right up to Alaska.

The Liard River has it's headwaters in the Yukon, and flows through northern British Columbia before merging with the MacKenzie River at Fort Simpson in the Northwest Territories.

In the Yukon Territory between the rock massifs of the St. Elias Mountains is on eof the largest non-polar icefeilds in the world. Huge valley glaciers fill the gulfs between the peaks. These galciers make their own weather, scour away tons of rock every day, dam rivers and create lakes.

hotspring1.jpgThe Liard River Hotsprings are located in the Liard River Hotsprings Provinical Park north of Muncho Lake. Even in the depths of winter(which lasts eight months here) the springs are hot enough to provide relief to weary travellers and adventurers.

Many warm and hot springs are hidden away in the park, but the two hottest and largest have been developed into bathing pools. The temperature in the hotsprings ranges from 42 to 52 degrees C. The two pools are called Beta pool and Alpha pool. They actually have to close down the Beta pool from August until May of each year to the increased bear activity.
There is an abundance of wildlife in the Yukon Territory and near the Liard River. You can see caribou, moose, bears, sheep, birds and hundreds of other northern species.

This is a picture of the Liard River Hotsprings in the dead of winter.